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cherry hill new jersey addiction treatment center drug and alcohol recovery program

Inpatient and Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

Our Cherry Hill addiction treatment center offers inpatient and outpatient treatment programs that span evidence-based psychological therapy, faith-based rehabilitation, 12-step informed counseling, and holistic healing techniques.

Located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, our JCAHO-accredited and NJARR-accredited recovery facility is close to Philadelphia and Trenton in the middle of Camden County.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Programs Offered

  • 1

    Inpatient PHP Program

    Partial hospitalization programs are the next step after detox and residential treatment

  • 2

    Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

    IOP is an outpatient level of care that consists of group and individual drug and alcohol couneseling

  • 3

    12-Step Based Drug Rehab

    Based on the fundamentals of Alcoholics Anonyous, 12-step addiction programs are guided by spiritual recovery principles

  • 4

    Faith-Based Recovery Program

    Christian rehab combines psychological therapy, 12 step participation, and Faith Based recovery

  • 5

    Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

    MAT programs utilize medications like Suboxone to treat opioid addiction

  • 6

    Treatment Alumni Program

    After completing treatment, join a network of alumni who are engaged in recovery

All In Solutions Cherry Hill New Jersey Treatment Center Overview

Why Choose Our Recovery Program

Here are some of the reasons we are a leader in addiction recovery in Cherry Hill

There are many types of alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Some of the most popular are outpatient programs, which can be followed by structured sober living environments. Some people find that living in a sober environment is helpful for their recovery, as it can provide the added accountability that they need to stay clean and sober. South Jersey has a robust recovery community, which includes plenty of 12-step meetings and other resources.

Outpatient treatment focuses on group therapy and involves meeting with licensed counselors on a daily basis. This approach offers clients the opportunity to explore their personal lives while addressing their substance use issues. In some cases, alcohol and drug addiction are co-occurring conditions. For these people, treatment will require a combination of different types of therapies. Intensive outpatient programs are more flexible, and provide an elevated level of care.

Outpatient treatment involves regular sessions with a trained and experienced alcohol and drug addiction counselor. Outpatient rehab also involves weekly visits to a clinic and may be more affordable. Both types of programs offer quality drug education and can address a variety of problems. If you're in need of a drug rehab in Cherry Hill, NJ, there is a program that will meet your needs. A certified therapist will help you get sober and get your life back.

Outpatient alcohol and drug treatment is available at many locations in the Cherry Hill area. Most outpatient treatment centers offer a variety of programs, including outpatient programs. In-patient treatment is typically longer and involves a hospital stay. The best outpatient rehab program is the one that will help you achieve the most lasting recovery. For more intensive treatment, inpatient treatment is the only option. However, inpatient treatment is recommended for those who are not ready to live a sober life.

Inpatient treatment focuses on alcohol and drug treatment. Some treatment centers offer medically supervised detoxification. Other drug and alcohol addiction centers are able to accommodate people with a variety of needs. Depending on the type of drug and alcohol addiction, the program you choose should be able to cater to your specific needs. You'll want to find a facility that offers the right kind of therapy for your particular situation.

Moreover, inpatient treatment is not the only way to recover from substance use. Individuals who are struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction can also benefit from aftercare services. These services include alumni programs and support group meetings. Other resources can help a client maintain a long-term recovery once treatment is over. Inpatient programs are also more expensive than outpatient rehabs, but they are much more affordable.

Outpatient treatment programs are the most common option for treatment. An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is an excellent option for individuals who don't need medically supervised detoxification. Outpatient treatment can be beneficial for individuals who have just begun to struggle with addiction. A residential program will be more effective for those who are struggling with alcohol abuse. A few outpatient programs also offer a sober living program.

There are many types of alcohol and drug rehab in Cherry Hill, NJ. Inpatient treatment requires 24 hours of care, while outpatient treatment offers more freedom. Outpatient programs provide daytime treatment only, which is an ideal option for those who don't need residential care. The latter is the preferred choice for those who need 24-hour care. Outpatient alcohol and drug rehab in Cherry Hall, NJ will allow you to maintain your identity while undergoing recovery.

Inpatient and outpatient programs are the most common treatment options. Inpatient programs combine residential and daytime care. Inpatient programs take patients away from home for up to 28 days, while outpatient programs are a more flexible option for those who don't need 24-hour care. There are eight inpatient facilities in Cherry Hill, NJ. Some are residential, while others are outpatient. Both have their pros and cons.

Individualized Treatment Plan

Each client's treatment is custom fit to their needs

Privacy Guaranteed

Our private program assures confidentiality and security

Great Reputation

We have a great reputation as an industry leader and positive influence in the recovery community


Our programs blend therapy models to provide holistic healing


Our clinicians and support staff are professional and courteous

Excellent Outcomes

Plain and simple, our clients stay sober

Check out our testimonials from previous clients and their families

This place has shown time and time again how compassionate they are for each individual. Every staff member in clinical and housing provides the best care for each individual client. I would recommend this facility to anyone struggling with addiction who truly wants to change.
Brianna J - Alumni
I have been to many, many treatment centers when I was struggling to get clean. Finally, at the end of my road when I was about to give up, I found All In Solutions. What set them apart from everywhere else was their caring staff, their skilled therapists, and the all around recovery environment. Thanks to All In Solutions I have been clean for 4 years. Forever grateful for this facility..
Shana P - Alumni
All In is what a rehab/treatment center should be. You will receive a comprehensive education about your addiction, a generous amount of one on one counseling, (if you so choose) an in depth faith based solution, and an immersive exposure to the twelve steps to ensure you have the tools to live the rest of your life in a healthy and productive manner. Two absolute stand-outs in this program are Pastor Dan and Britany! All the rest of the counselors and supporting staff are awesome as well. Thank you All In.
Stan K - Alumni
The faculty at All In Solutions is amazing!! They saved my life! I would recommend this out patient program to anyone trying to find their way in the recovery world! Better than everywhere else in south jersey !
Courtney P - Alumni

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